A drivable Sockmonster that can be exhibited or used in performance and film.

The Sockmonster costume is a washing machine with a small tricycle inside. The monster has two side panels that can unfold into a drying rack filled with single socks. People often loose a sock while doing the laundry. Where does the sock go? Sockmonster plays with this phenomenon in a humoristic way. It speculates on daily mysteries.

Sockmonster is made for the Fashionclash Festival, Clash Project 2019. It is a show where non fashion designers show their work on the catwalk. The start of the project was to explore the boundaries of the fashion catwalk.


2019 Vogue Italia “FashionClash autunno inverno 2019: Best of”

2019 1Limburg “Weinig draagbare mode bij Fashion Clash Festival” on Sockmonster

2019 Fashionclash Festival Maastricht, Clash Project, performing ‘Sockmonster’ during the fashion show