Printer says NO!
performance | costumes | film

A collection of printer-transformer costumes that can be exhibited or used in performance and film.

“The other day I had this conversation with my printer. When I sent my digital input, he responded with his voice on paper. We disagreed. He fired his paper as a rocket into the air. My holiday images turned pink and the mountains were full of stripes. He tries to show he is more than a computer. I can look at him as a disposable article, but to me he is a friend. Error makes his character.”

The printer-transformers costumes are designed to look like ordinary printers while standing still. When the wearer starts to move, the printer comes to life. The costumes are made out of secondhand broken printers. The plastic covers were stripped of the metal body and reassembled around the human body.

Published / Exhibited @:

2019 Fashionclash Festival Maastricht, performing ‘Printer says No!’ at the fashion show

2019 Branko Popovic Blog “Hanneke & Tosca - FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019”