protest | video installation | workshop

A comment on the use of digital face-filters.
An installation of videos shown on mobile phones.
A workshop: make your own analogue face-filters.

#Freetheexpression shows a playful research into the oddities of human interaction. In today’s world facial expression can be replaced by emoji’s or digital AR-filters. It seems like emotions become standardised. #freetheexpression is a reaction and a comment towards the standardisation of the face.

Our faces have a very sophisticated set of muscles, unconsciously trained to pass information to others. The minimalistic facial communication becomes visible by placing low-tech materials on specific points of the face. The videos show a diversity of experiments to explore the facial expression in a much broader sense.

Published / Exhibited @:

2019/2020 Museum der Bildenden Künste Leipzig, “Link in Bio” exhibiting #freetheexpression

2019 Zeit Online, “Instagramfilter, aber in Handarbeit” on #freetheexpression

2019 Monopol Magazine, "Mir gehen digitale Gesichtsfilter auf die Nerven" interview about #freetheexpression

2019 “Speed Show: face the face” Instagram event, Berlin

2018 TU Delft, “The Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2018 meets TU Delft Library” exhibiting #freetheexpression

2018 Dutch Design Daily on #freetheexpression

2018 Dutch Design Week TAC-building, exhibiting #freetheexpression