Catching Birds of Paradise
film | performance | product

A series of short videos in which the protagonist is catching air.

“In the great highland of new Guinea there are 42 different species of birds of paradise. Each more bizarre than the last. During mating season, the male birds execute various dances to attract female birds. They change colour, put out their feathers and blow themselves up. It’s an oddly mesmerizing display.’’ - David Attenborough.

If we look with different eyes to our own human body, we can be just as marvellous and exotic as the birds of paradise. We seem to be unaware of our non-verbal communication and the unending power of imagination that our bodies can express.

Published / Exhibited @:

2018 Dutch Design Week TAC-building, exhibiting Catching Birds of Paradise

2018 Dutch Design Daily on Catching Birds of Paradise

2018 Arts Thread, “Artez Product Design 2018” on Catching Birds of Paradise